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"Since 1987, purveyors of quality electronic display systems for

enhanced communications"

Contact: - or - 770 312-8917

-- We offer systems designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA --

New Design - Interior Models

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Safety display

Shown to the right:  "Off the shelf" Safety Display Systems with 4 inch characters.  Your text available as long as it fits the available area.

Dimensions:  24" W x 14" H x 3.5" D.

Increments automatically at Midnight.

$595.00 plus shipping.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA with 24-month unconditional warranty on Material and Workmanship.


Extended Unconditional Warranty on material and workmanship.

Custom faceplate with your company name/logo.

Built-in Key Lock to maintain security.

Built-in controls.

Dimensions:  Approximately 29" wide x 30" high.

Model:  VIS-GEN-1-1515 

Phone:  770 312-8917 for additional details and delivery

Safety Display Systems feature:

State of the Art Design.


Extended Warranty Standard.


Quality and expedient product support.

Our Safety Display Systems are designed to inspire

safety and to empower employees to take pride in

the accomplishment of having a safe

environment to work in.

Designed for simple, user friendly operation.

Simply enter the current time, date and number of days worked without

and accident.

The System automatically takes over from then  - incrementing the day

count every day at Midnight.

An Internal Time Calendar chip keeps the time and day count accurate.

"Custom multi-parameter Systems"

safety display

Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant (Multiple Systems)

-- Standalone Systems displaying multiple parameters with an automatic

safety day counter and a built-in Tri-COLOR Message Center --

(Customer feedback): "Your product really exceeded our expectations. 

This Scoreboard is really a high quality product

helping our site focus on Human Performance behaviors.

Our location will be ordering additional units.

Thanks for all of your efforts and the excellent communication

to go with your quality product!"

-- Call with YOUR requirement --

Made to Order Systems

safety display

safety displays, safety counter

  • Since 1987, a supplier of Quality "Made in the USA" Day

    Counter Safety Display Systems for

     Corporate and Manufacturing environments.

      We offer Safety Day Counter Systems

     from "off the shelf products"

    to  "made to order systems"

     -- Users of systems include:

     Dow Chemical,

     Capital Power,


    Gibraltar Strip Steel,

    Protection Technology/Los Alamos National Laboratories,

    Chase Brass & Copper,

    Hoosier Power,

    Capital Power Locations - Canada,

    US Navy,

    Coherent, Inc.,

    Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant (multiple systems) and many others. 

    Call (770 312-8917) or email - -

    with your specific requirements for a "Made to Order System".

    Safety Displays continually promote employee safety awareness by

    automatically keeping track of "Days without a Lost Time Incident/Accident"

    Our Industrial/Commercial Quality Safety Display Systems are designed,

    engineered and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality

    components and workmanship.  They are built to provide years of service.

    Safety counter and reminders need to be effective,

    durable and as conspicuous as possible.

    We offer a variety of safety counter Display Systems

    designed to attract attention and serve as

    continual reminders encouraging employees to work safely.


    bulletAttention Getting
Safety Day Display Systems

    -- Constantly counting displays provide a Safety Awareness reminder --

    Safety display systems


    Built-in controls for setting time and control functions.

    ACCUCOUNT THREE -- Safety Awareness Display System

    safety display systems

    -- 2.3" system with Customer Name, 'ACCIDENT FREE' name plate and built-in Key lock --


    770 312-8917 --