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Vision offers a comprehensive line of Large Digit LED Signs, Electronic Displays, Safety Display units, LED Window displays, and Synchronized Digital Clocks -- for just about any application.  Turnkey electronic display solutions include design, installation, training and ongoing support services.



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"Most products are designed for SELF INSTALLATION to minimize the need for contracting costly installation service"

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No other display device does a better job at this than electronic LED displays and exterior LED Signs.  Send general announcement messages immediately or on a scheduled basis.  Provide timely data to employees and customer satisfaction will improve dramatically!

Whether the Electronic Displays, Message Centers, LED signs, LED displays - are displaying meeting schedules, special offers, accurate time throughout your facility, status of a production line or quality and safety reminders - they are providing timely information to your employees helping them provide excellent customer service.

Place an Electronic Bulletin Board in your lobby to welcome visitors, display meeting schedules, employee recognition and general informational messages.

Synchronized Interior and Exterior smaller Digit Clock Systems provide "Accuracy of Time" throughout all of your facilities - Local and Remote.  LED Clocks are available in standard character heights of 4, 6, 8 and 12 inches. 

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Exterior Time and Temperature Displays -- Time Temp -- equipped with Automatic Accurate Time Display.  No time consuming, expensive Data Cable installation required.  Install these Electronic Displays -- and Forget It! 

Exterior LED Message Center Signs -- One to many lines -- Display Text, Graphics and Animations, Time and Temperature.  Full COLOR LED Signs display live and recorded video.  Buy direct and SAVE!!  Install the electronic display yourself - or - we will arrange for installation at your location.  Exterior Digital Clocks also available.

Gas Price Changer Systems -- with Wireless Controller.

Safety Display Day Timers continually promote employee safety awareness by automatically keeping track of "Days without a Lost Time Incident/Accident" and other parameters.  Products are available with Face Plates showing your Corporate Logos and choice of background color, graphics and text font. Safety Displays are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.

Lobby Display Systems - Quickly and Silently welcome guests, display internal meeting schedules, show safety and quality reminders, recognize employees individual performance such as "Employee of the Month".  Simple to install and program.

Conference Room Meeting Timer Systems --

NEW!  TRI-COLOR Competitively Priced Readerboards -- CLICK HERE




  • SPECTRUM WALLBOARDS and Software for ACD, Real-time and Networked systems -- all applications.


  • SILENT CALL/PAGING Systems.   MADE-TO-ORDER" LED Hardware and Software Systems for Games Shows, Environmental Warning Display Systems - and others for your specific application -- CALL! 770-312-8917.